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If you have a non-trivial Flutter app, then you probably use a custom theme. Monarch can render your stories using your app's custom theme. To do so, Monarch needs to know about your theme via the MonarchTheme annotation.

Annotate your custom theme

  1. Add the package:monarch_annotations to your dependencies:
monarch_annotations: ^1.0.0
  1. Go to the dart file where you have declared the ThemeData for your custom theme. If you have created your theme in an in-line expression, then you would have to refactor it into a getter. Once you have identified your ThemeData, add the MonarchTheme annotation as shown below:
import 'package:monarch_annotations/monarch_annotations.dart';

('Fancy Theme')
ThemeData get fancyTheme => ThemeData(...);
  1. Save your changes. The Monarch app will display the theme you annotated in the Theme dropdown. When you select that theme, the selected story will render using your custom theme.
Custom theme in Monarch

Multiple themes

If you have multiple themes in your app, you can annotate all of them with the MonarchTheme annotation. You could also declare one of them as the default. The default theme is the theme that Monarch will use when it first loads.

import 'package:monarch_annotations/monarch_annotations.dart';

('Fancy Light Theme')
ThemeData get fancyLightTheme => ThemeData(...);

('Fancy Dark Theme', isDefault: true)
ThemeData get fancyDarkTheme => ThemeData(...);