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Fernando Trigoso

Fix on macOS

This release fixes the macOS error "Could not create the embedder backing store". This error is hard to reproduce consistently but we think we have a good fix for it. However, if you see it again, please let us know by creating an issue in the monarch Github repo.

Performance Overlay

This release adds a new visual debugging flag, called Show Performance Overlay. This flag is part of the Flutter tools and now you can access it directly from Monarch. For more details on how to use this flag, see the Flutter docs on The performance overlay.

Also, to use this new flag you need to upgrade the monarch package in your pubspec.yaml:

  • If you are using Flutter 3.8 or later, then please upgrade to monarch package ^3.6.0.
  • Or, if you are using Flutter 3.7 or earlier, then please upgrade to monarch ^3.1.1.
Show Performance Overlay Flag

Fernando Trigoso
Monarch is growing

It's been 7 months since our last newsletter and we have been busy!

Monarch is faster 🏎 💨

We made Monarch reloads much faster. Based on our metrics the initial reload of stories went from 10 seconds all the way down to 1 second! Subsequent reloads are also faster by as much as 2x.

Monarch now runs on Linux! 🚀🤓

Monarch has been running on Linux for a few months. You can run Monarch on Linux in the stable or beta branch. You can also build Monarch yourself on any platform.

We welcome all Linux users to the Monarch community!

We adapted to change 🐛🦋

We experienced many changes these past few months:

  • The Flutter APIs that Monarch uses changed which caused several breaking changes for us.
  • Our users reported several issues in the Monarch repo.
  • We now maintain Monarch on all 3 major desktop platforms (macOS, Windows, and Linux).

Some of these changes were unexpected, painful, and hard. We learned to embrace these changes and Monarch is better for it.

  • We now have better automation than ever before.
  • We improved our test coverage with unit and integration tests.
  • We released Monarch 7 times this year alone which helped us improve our release process.
  • We have closed more issues in comparison to the number of new issues reported by our users.
  • We ended up with better documentation and sample projects.
  • We let go of things that were holding us back.

The Monarch growth is real.

Meetups, conferences

We want Monarch to continue to grow, thus we will get out into the wild more. We will do more meetups and conferences. We will also engage more with the community.

On July 19th, we will be in Charlotte, North Carolina. We will present Monarch to the Flutter Charlotte meetup group. If you are in the area, we would love to see you!

We are also thankful that a Monarch user spontaneously gave a talk about Monarch at the Flutter Forward Extended event in Nairobi, Kenya. Thank you @schiquiri!

Did you know? 🧐

  • You can use debugPrint to print debug statement to the terminal where the Monarch CLI is running. See Print to the console.
  • The monarch_samples repository has many sample projects which can help you develop your own widgets in isolation and also apply Monarch in your projects.
  • Monarch can render your app's theme via the @MonarchTheme annotation. See the Themes docs.
  • If your app supports multiple languages, Monarch can render your stories using your locales. See the Internationalization docs.

Stay tuned

We are super excited about a new experience we are crafting. If we can pull it off it will be super cool and a major value-add to all Monarch users.

Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned. The future is exciting!

Fernando Trigoso

This release updates the device list in Monarch. You can now test with the latest iPhones, iPads and Android devices (issue).

Also, this release fixes gRPC errors macOS users were experiencing after heavy usage of Monarch (issue)

Fernando Trigoso

This release brings changes to better support Flutter 3.10. Flutter 3.10 deprecated some APIs the monarch package and CLI were using.

This latest Monarch release uses the latest and greatest Flutter APIs. See pull request #99 and pull request #100 for more details.

Also, since Flutter 3.10 made it to stable, then Monarch Linux is also stable. Previously you had to be on Flutter beta to use Monarch on Linux. Now, you can use Monarch on Linux on the Flutter stable channel.

Fernando Trigoso

This release makes reloading stories in Monarch much faster (pull request). Based on our metrics, reloading stories is 10 seconds faster than before. 🏎 🚀

We have also added integration tests to the Monarch repo (pull request). And we have made the tools scripts that build and test Monarch easier to use for contributors (pull request).

Fernando Trigoso

This release adds support for Flutter 3.9 (pull request). Also, Monarch now fully supports Windows 11 and Visual Studio 2022 (pull request).

Lastly, this is the fist Monarch release with downloadable Monarch binaries for Linux. Linux users don't have to build the Monarch source code anymore. They can just download it from the install page.

Fernando Trigoso

Some users may hit an known Flutter issue while reloading their stories. This issue causes a crash in Monarch. This release detects the crash and notifies you of the workaround. The workaround is to run monarch with the hot restart option:

monarch run --reload hot-restart

This release also fixes hot restart on Windows and implements hot restart on Linux.

Lastly, this release adds support for Flutter 3.8, which is currently in beta. Flutter 3.8 changed an API used by the monarch package. We have updated the monarch package to support the beta changes.