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CLI Usage

The Monarch CLI supports the following commands:

  • monarch init: Initializes a Flutter project with Monarch.
  • monarch run: Runs the Monarch tasks and launches the Monarch desktop app.
  • monarch upgrade: Upgrades Monarch to its latest version.
  • monarch newsletter: Join the Monarch newsletter by providing an email.

The command you will use the most is monarch run.

monarch run

Usage: monarch run [arguments]


-h, --help                          Print this usage information.

--reload How Monarch should reload stories after file system updates.

[hot-reload] (default) Reload stories automatically with hot reload.
[hot-restart] Reload stories automatically with hot restart.
[manual] Don't reload automatically. Manually reload stories with hot reload ("r") or hot
restart ("R"). Does not watch the file system for updates.

--delete-conflicting-outputs When set, it passes the --delete-conflicting-outputs flag to the build_runner code
--no-sound-null-safety When set, Monarch will generate stories that support non-null safe libraries. Use
this flag if your code has disabled sound null safety.
-h, --help       Print this usage information.
-v, --verbose Generates verbose logs.
--version Reports Monarch version information.