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If you like to code: Monarch is a really cool project.

  • It uses lower level APIs of Flutter and the Flutter Engine.
  • It runs on multiple platforms.
  • It's mostly written on Dart, and there is also C++ and Swift.
  • There are guides on the Monarch Architecture and how to set up your local development environment
  • There are build scripts you can use to easily build Monarch on your local.
  • The technology is exciting!

If you want to write content: this is also a great project for you. The value proposition is compelling and there is a lot to write about.

Before you start contributing, please read these documents:

  1. Our code of conduct, which stipulates that contributors must be professional and respectful.
  2. The Monarch Architecture, which describes the structure of the Monarch system.
  3. Setting up your local development environment, which describes how to set up Monarch in your local environment.
  4. There is also a quick guide on how to commit your changes.