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Focus on writing code

Monarch is a tool for Flutter developers. It makes building front-ends a pleasant experience.

Hard-to-reach use cases are painful

Imagine making changes to the last step of the onboarding flow below.

Every time you make a change you have to navigate through the entire flow. That is so frustrating and tedious.

What if you didn't have to go through this pain?

With Monarch you can isolate each piece of the onboarding flow by writing stories:

Widget onboarding_2_relax() =>
IntroductionAnimationScreen(initial: 1, target: 2);
Widget onboarding_5_welcome() =>
IntroductionAnimationScreen(initial: 4, target: 5);

Monarch will then preview your stories. Now you can jump straight to the last stepβ€”or any step you like.

All your screens are just one click away. That's nice.

Data sources generate friction

Screens depend heavily on data sources which makes your job very difficult.

What if you didn't have to feel this friction anymore?

With Monarch you can isolate your screens from data sources. You can write stories that use mocks, stubs, or whatever you like.

Widget home_loaded() => CourseHomeScreen(appState: mockAppState);

Widget details_active() => CourseDetailsScreen(
course: Course(
imagePath: 'assets/design_course/team.png',
title: 'Flutter Programming',
lessonCount: 12,
money: 250,
rating: 4.8,
isActive: true,
categoryType: CategoryType.coding,
onBack: (p0) => null,

Widget details_inactive() => CourseDetailsScreen(

Then use Monarch to preview your changes.

All the friction is gone. That's liberating.

Testing edge cases is hard

Testing an edge case, like previewing the largest text on the smallest device, will always reveal bugs. However, running those tests is hard.

What if you could test edge cases easily?

With Monarch, you can easily test on any device and on any text scale factor.

That was easy.

How to get started

  1. Download Monarch
  2. Run: Β monarch init
  3. Run: Β monarch run
  4. Write your own stories
  5. Enjoy!

We feel your pain

You want to write code but front-end development is very difficult, which makes your job frustrating and slow. We know how annoying this is, which is why we built Monarch. With Monarch you will feel less stress, you will work faster, and you can enjoy writing code again.

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The Monarch team

We have been working on developer tools since 2014 and working with Flutter since 2018.

Nate Frechette

CEO of Dropsource and Monarch power user