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Build high-quality UIs with ease

Monarch is a tool for Flutter developers. It makes building beautiful apps a simpler and faster experience.

Build widgets faster

  • Render widgets without worrying about data, emulators, backends or business logic.
  • Define the relevant states of your widgets, we call these relevant states "stories".
  • Browse stories to verify your UX is right.
  • Ditch the emulator for common tasks.

Find and fix bugs with ease

  • Render edge cases with little effort.
  • From your stories, navigate to your code to find and fix bugs.
  • Monarch renders your fixes much faster than an emulator.
  • Mock dependencies to render visual states that are hard to reproduce.
  • You can also reuse your stories from your widget tests.

Switch themes, locales, device resolutions and text scale

  • See your widgets in different device resolutions.
  • Switch between dark mode, light mode or your own custom theme.
  • See how your widgets render under different locales.
  • Play with the text scale factor to see how your widgets will render to different users.