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Build high-quality UIs with ease

Monarch is a tool for building Flutter widgets in isolation. It makes it easy to build, test and debug complex UIs.

Build widgets faster

Write stories

Write stories to isolate your widgets. Then preview stories without running your app or backend.

Browse your stories

Monarch lets you verify your UI without an emulator—free up memory and resources.

Find and fix bugs with ease

Find bugs

Stories render edge cases with little effort. Mock dependencies to render visual states that are hard to reproduce.

Fix bugs

From your stories, navigate to your code to fix bugs. Monarch renders your fixes faster than an emulator.

Test your UI

Reuse your stories from your widget tests.

Build responsive UIs easily

See your widgets in different modes

Make sure your UI works across multiple devices, text scales, languages, and themes.

Hot reload your changes

Tune your UI easily with hot reload. Monarch automatically reloads your changes.

Debug widgets in isolation

Visual Debugging

Fine-tune animations, fix layout issues, align text. Find images using too much memory.

Debug in isolation

Debug widgets without running your app or backend. And Use DevTools.