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Fernando Trigoso

This release only affects Monarch users on Windows.

In Flutter version 3.4.0-34.1.pre, the Flutter team changed a class in the Flutter Windows API. This change is also present on Flutter 3.6.x and above.

This release makes Monarch compatible with Flutter 3.6.x and above. Here is the commit with the change.

Fernando Trigoso

Monarch is now fully open source! 🥹🤩

We are super excited about this announcement. We put in a lot of work into this release. It took us longer than we expected because we run into unexpected issues. However, we are very proud of what we have accomplished.

As we open sourced Monarch, we also drastically changed the Monarch architecture. This new architecture makes Monarch more maintainable. Monarch now reuses more Flutter and Dart code across all platforms. It also makes contributions from the community easier. And it sets Monarch up for future features like add-ons and CI integrations.

All the Monarch source code is in our main GitHub repo. If you would like to contribute please start by reading our Contribution Guide.

This new open source version of Monarch is version 2.x. To get Monarch 2.x just run monarch upgrade. If you don't have Monarch you can get it here.

Search 🔎

Monarch now lets you search your stories. There are teams that have hundreds of stories. The search feature is a nice addition to the Monarch experience.


Windows users

The new version of Monarch (Monarch 2.x) uses gRPC. The Monarch local processes use gRPC to communicate with each other. If you are on Windows, you may be prompted to "allow monarch.exe to communicate over your network". Please "Allow access" to use Monarch on your Windows machine.

Flutter 2.x users

Monarch 2.x supports Flutter 3.x. If you are still on Flutter 2.x then please upgrade your Flutter version or remain using Monarch 1.x. See Install for Flutter 2.x.

Fernando Trigoso

We have been heads down working on major improvements to Monarch. Here's a quick and exciting update of what's to come.

Monarch goes 100% open source! 🤯

The next major release of Monarch will be 100% open source. As we open source Monarch, we are also improving the Monarch architecture. The new architecture will facilitate contributions from the community and it also lays the infrastructure to support add-ons and many new features in Monarch.

This work is heavily under way and should be released very soon!

Linux is next! 🚀

After we release the open source version of Monarch, Linux will follow. The new Monarch architecture will help us scale and maintain the Monarch Linux version. We are super excited about welcoming Linux users!

Monarch intro video 🤓

We now have an intro video which explains Monarch. We love how this intro video turned out. We think it presents what Monarch can do for you very well. Many users had asked for this video and it is finally here.

Support for Flutter 3.x

If you upgrade your project to use Flutter 3.x, then make sure to use the monarch package version 2.3.0. We released a new version of Monarch which validates your project is using the monarch package that corresponds to the Flutter version it is running.

New Monarch branding 💟

We updated our logo, brand colors, fonts and revised the website content. We hope you like the new changes!

Funny Meme

Join our team 👫

We are looking for Dart Developers (front-end and back-end) and Flutter Writers to join our team. Please send an email to for more details.

Fernando Trigoso

If you upgrade your project to use Flutter 3.x, then your project should use the monarch package version 2.3.0. This release automatically validates your project is using the correct monarch package version based on the Flutter version you are running.

Fernando Trigoso

The Flutter team released beta version 2.13.0-0.1.pre which included a breaking change.

Since Monarch supports all Flutter versions, we updated Monarch to support both the new behavior and also the legacy behavior from the breaking change.

Fernando Trigoso

The Flutter team released a beta version of Flutter which changed some interfaces that the monarch package depends on. This release makes sure you can use Monarch with Flutter beta version 2.12.0-4.1.pre.

Also, we have improved the monarch upgrade process:

  1. When you run monarch upgrade, the CLI will first validate your Monarch installation.
  2. If the validation is successful, then it will move your old Monarch files to a temp directory, and then install the new ones.
  3. If the validation fails, the CLI will inform you why it failed.

Last weekend, some users reported a severe bug in the upgrade process which was deleting local files. Within two hours of the report, we changed our remote API so upgrade requests would be rejected, which prevents the upgrade process from running, which prevents the bug from manifesting.

If you are running Monarch 1.7.4 or older then you are getting this notification when you execute monarch run:

Monarch 1.7.6 is available. You are on 1.7.3. You should use the latest version.

There is a bug in the current version of the `monarch upgrade` process and we
have disabled it. To get the latest version of Monarch go to the website and
install it as if it was a fresh install:

Please follow the steps in the notification to install the new version of Monarch.

Fernando Trigoso

The monarch upgrade command used to delete old monarch files. Under certain conditions, a bug manifested where the command could delete non-monarch files.

In this new version, the monarch upgrade command doesn't delete any files.

Fernando Trigoso

This minor release is mostly for new monarch users.

We recently updated the monarch package to version 2.2.0, which supports the latest versions of analyzer and vm_service packages.

In this release, the monarch init command uses the latest monarch package.

If you have an existing project using monarch, you can just update your pubspec.yaml and set monarch: ^2.2.0.