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Tweaks are important

Fernando Trigoso
$ git commit -m tweak

Tweaks, or adjustments, are very important in UI development. Tweaking is the difference between a good UI and a great UI because:

  • a lot of subtle changes have significant impact,
  • you need to tweak in order to polish the details, and
  • a great UI is all about the details.

A tweak is small, therefore, if you have to do a big setup like run builds, boot up local servers, set up data, etc. just to see a small change, then there is an imbalance.

That imbalance is painful.

That pain is something you, subconsciously, are going to want to stay away from which means you won't tweak and polish nearly as much, and then the quality of your UI suffers.

What if we could re-balance our work? How can we make tweaking more efficient?

You can isolate your UI and use Monarch. When your UI is isolated, the setup you need to run your UI is very small. So when you need to tweak, you don't need to do much to get started.

As you tweak small changes in code, like we are doing below, you see those changes reflected immediately as you would expect, and you can check how those changes affected other screens with just a single click.

All of it without doing any big setup.

With Monarch, you can tweak, tweak, tweak to your heart's content in a short amount of time, which gives you a ton of feedback.