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Monarch is a tool for Flutter development. It helps you build high-quality UIs by isolating widgets. You isolate widgets through stories.

What's a story?​

A story captures a rendered state of a Flutter widget. Developers write multiple stories per widget to describe all the relevant states a widget can have.

In code, a story is a function that returns a Widget.

Why widget isolation?​

There are many benefits to isolating your widgets:

  • When you build widgets in isolation you can avoid the pain and frustration of developing widgets in the context of an entire app.
  • Most of your UI testing can be done without running your full stack or changing values in a database.
  • Stories help you pinpoint bugs quickly. It’s more efficient than debugging using entire screens.
  • A story is like a visual test. The more stories you have, the more confidence your components work in all possible scenarios.
  • Parallelize development: widget isolation enables multiple team members to work on multiple widgets at the same time.

How do I use Monarch?​

To use Monarch you need to add a dev-dependency and download the Monarch binaries. Then, you can start writing stories. The Monarch binaries will render your stories in the Monarch desktop app.

It is very simple to use Monarch. No need to learn how to use special classes, fancy concepts or modify your production code.

Monarch doesn't affect your production code thus your app bundle size stays the same.

Also, if you decide to stop using Monarch, all your stories are reusable from your widget tests.

Monarch runs natively on your desktop platform. You can use it side-by-side with your IDE.